Vive Gets a Grip on Textured Compression Gloves

When my daughter told me she has a pair of Vive Textured Compression Gloves for me, I asked her what she was talking about. She said she had stumbled into an entire genre of arthritis compression gloves while trying to find some relief for the arthritis she has recently developed in her right hand.

What are Vive Textured Compression Gloves?

Vive Textured Compression Gloves, also known as Vive Arthritis Gloves with Grips, are open-finger gloves that provide compression and support in an effort to relieve some of the pain associated with painful arthritic hands.  I have had arthritis for many years, including in my hands, and I did not realize there was such a product available. (View the Vive Arthritis Gloves with Grips on Amazon.) So I jumped at the chance to try them. I put them on right away and have been wearing them frequently for a couple of weeks now.

Dexterity saved with open-fingered design

The open-fingered construction of the Vive gloves means that while my hands are being compressed, supported, and warmed, I am free to do almost all of my usual activities.

Wearing Vive Arthritis Glove Top View

Even though I am wearing gloves, I still have most of the dexterity in my fingers that I need for everyday life. I can still flip through cookbooks, tap on my tablet, and type on my computer keyboard. Oftentimes when I typed I would have to take breaks to relieve my hands. Wearing the compression gloves, though, I notice myself needing fewer breaks. My aging hands appreciate the support, comfort, and warmth that these compression gloves provide.

Get a Grip

It’s not just the open-fingers and comfy snug compression that make these gloves a worthwhile buy. While the open fingers make the Vive gloves fully functional for almost any task, a bonus feature is in the “Texture” of the gloves. Little grippy dots cover the palms and fingers of the gloves, creating a texture that provides extra gripping power for my hands.

Wearing Vive Arthritis Glove palm up showing the textured grip design

These little grippers make it easier to pick things up and hold onto without dropping them. My tablet is more secure in my hands as are water bottles, books, my Reacher Grabber, dishware, TV remote, you name it. In the kitchen they give me better grip when handling utensils, pots and pans, and food packages.

The grip feature is my daughter’s favorite feature of the Vive glove as well. She reports less pain and fatigue in her hands now with chores like vacuuming, dusting, and tidying up. She attributes those improvements to the grippy design, which allows her to put less effort into holding onto things. She said the compression and support has helped relieve some of the pain in her thumb, as well.

Removing the arthritis gloves

The gloves are made to compress the hand, so they are not as easy to take off as regular cold-weather gloves. They do go on a bit snug, so putting them on and taking them off repeatedly isn’t ideal. To remove them, I pull up on each finger just enough to loosen the entire glove from my hand. Then, grabbing the fingers, I pull straight up. I found that peeling off from the wrist end leaves me with very snug, inside-out gloves that are difficult for my arthritic fingers to turn back to right side out. Taking the time up front to loosen them before removing keeps them ready to wear for next time.

Care and maintenance

Instructions on the box call for Hand Washing and Air Drying. My daughter said she was hand washing her pair, so that is what I have been doing as well. We are both drying them by laying them flat on a towel. Once I buy a second pair I will try washing in the machine in the Gentle cycle on cold. The instructions also caution not to use Fabric Softeners or an iron on the gloves.

Box showing measuring instructions for Vive Textured Compression Gloves

Fit and sizing

These seem to run small, at least for us. My daughter has medium-sized hands and measured for fit according to the manufacturer’s directions. Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for me, the Medium size was too small for her.

Instead of returning them, she gave them to me, as my hands are smaller than hers. She ordered the Large size for herself, which she says fit fine.

Ask your doctor about arthritis compression gloves

Ask your doctor if arthritis compression gloves may be helpful. While they help  me with my arthritis hand aches, everyone’s condition is different. It’s always important to discuss any new products by your doctor first, before using.

To read more information about how arthritis gloves work, visit

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  1. Martha,,Thank you so much for posting this! I had no idea there were gloves of this type. I have recently starting having a little trouble with neuropathy in my hands and feet, so Im am anxious to try thse! Thank you again for the post! 🙂

    • SKPer, I do hope these gloves will help you. I really like my pair. I’m able to hold onto things more, which is definitely a mental boost, too. 🙂

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