Protective Bed Cover for Pets

Some of the best companions for us older adults are our pets. For us, nothing says “home” like one of our furry buddies curled up on the bed next to us as we read or watch TV. But an unexpected “accident” can instantly shatter our warm snuggles.

Is there a protective bed cover for pets?

There are several protective bed covers for pets available. After some research, we found the Silly Legacy Reversible Waterproof Protective Bed Cover (Amazon link). This protective bed cover protects the bed, linens, and mattress from hair, dander, bodily fluids and other muck and mire that our pets can bring onto our bed.

What is the waterproof bed cover made of?

According to the inventor, Betty from Silly Legacy, the reversible protective bed cover contains a polyurethane waterproof layer sandwiched between two layers of polyester.

The soft, lightweight material could be compared to a very thin blanket or a heavy sheet. The Silly Legacy cover lays atop your other bed linens, including atop the duvet or coverlet.

Betty from Silly Legacy recommends layering an additional layer of fabric on top of the waterproof cover. This additional layer can help protect the waterproof layer from kitty nail punctures. We find that by layering an old sheet on top, we can simply launder that old sheet whenever needed and minimize laundering the Silly Legacy cover.

Care Instructions

The Silly Legacy bed cover can be machine washed and dried or spot cleaned as needed. The manufacturer recommends machine washing in Cold to Warm water and tumble dry on the Low/Delicate setting. We hang ours to dry to avoid melting the waterproof material.

Silly Legacy cautions that washing in hot water or drying on hot temperatures can cause the waterproof layer to melt and crack. This could reduce its waterproof capability. Also, take care to not wash with other items that contain zippers or pins. Also, try to wash with like items such as bed linens and towels.

Colors and Sizes

The bed covers come in reversible Light Gray/Dark Gray, Brown/Tan, and Torquise/Walnut. The manufacturer has added an additional six inches of material since we purchased our King-size Gray cover. Our King size measures 82 x 90 inches. The King size provides plenty of coverage for our queen-size bed. It covers the pillows and leaves a few inches to spare all around to hang over the sides.

The updated dimensions are

  • King-size listed dimensions: 82 x 96 inches (210 x 230 cm)
  • Queen-size listed dimensions: 82 x 78 inches (210 x 190 cm)

Unfortunately, our pets can have accidents in the very places that we love them to be. But now we can snuggle with our sweet kitties and pups without worrying about a midnight laundry dash. Thanks Silly Legacy!

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