In Memory

Sadly, over the years Health Womens has lost several of its beloved members, including Lorraine (Rainbow933), Bev (MoodyBev), Barb (Barbwire100), Magy (SweetMags), Elmo (DewDropElmo), Annette (AnnetteUK) and, most recently, RoseAnn (UnicornRoe). Our online presence is in memory of them.

RoseAnn (UnicornRoe/TCChariot)

A courageous force online and off, UnicornRoe left an impression on all who met her. A survivor of domestic violence that left her a T1 paraplegic at age 24, Roe drew on her life experience to help others.

In 1998, Roe found her way online via a relatively new gadget at the time, a WebTV. In real life, as it was called back then, Roe counseled other survivors of domestic violence at her area hospital. Once online, she became a member of Health-Chronic, a chat room for those with chronic illnesses, located in the now defunct Talk City chat site, where she offered warmth and friendship to others dealing with their own physical hardships. A natural leader, she rapidly rose through the ranks and became a top-level moderator for Talk City, but her heart always belonged to the Health-Chronic room. Roe could keep a room of 50 people on topic and at the same time private message with her best friend SKPer, while never letting a newbie go unwelcomed.

A wonderful artist, Roe enjoyed drawing and frequently created email sig pages for other WebTV users. Following the sale of Talk City to Delphi Forums, Roe joined many of the Health Chronic members in their move into an empty room at Delphi called Health-Womens.

She was a regular in the Health-Womens room, offering friendship and advice to all who stopped in. She often reminded us that “Small steps make a difference.”  Roe was ambitious and never stopped teaching herself new things or looking for new adventures. After buying a PC to replace her aging WebTV, Roe followed her passion for music, ultimately becoming a popular DJ at the online radio outlet

Roe is survived by her husband, Terry (BlackJack), two daughters and two grandchildren, and a legion of Internet friends.

Bev (MoodyBev)

MoodyBev was a beloved member of Health-Womens. “I am happy for good friends,” she often said. Bev lit up the room, delighting everyone with her wonderfully fun sense of humor. She often talked about her husband, Bob, as well as her six children, two stepchildren, 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, all of whom she considered the “pride of her life’s work.”

Another of Bev’s favorite topics was food, and when the chat turned to dishing about culinary pursuits, she always had a savory or sweet contribution. She was an avid Scrabble and card game player and often joined in the room’s Trivial Pursuit nights. Bev was always willing to help a newbie, but could just as easily help her roomies trample a snert. Before she became ill, she loved to refinish furniture and completed many pieces over the years. She also had worked as a clerk in a pharmacy and liked being around people. She will be dearly missed by all.

Bev died at home with her husband Bob, daughter Sheila, and son-in-law, Bob, by her side. Her nephew, a minister, officiated at the celebration of her life. Her family made sure plenty of wildflowers graced the celebration, and recounted stories of Bev’s unconditional love for her family and friends. Bev’s family and friends will remember her for her unconditional love for others, her sense of humor, and her generosity of spirit and strength.

She is survived by her loving husband of 49 years, Robert, her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other dear family and friends.

Barb (Barbwire100)

Barb, one of the original members of Health-Womens, had met SKPer in another room in Talk City previously, and when SKPer opened Health-Womens, Barb came along. A warm and caring roomie, Barb was also loyal and protective. Her original nic was Barbara42, but was changed to Barbwire100 after she proved herself a tenacious debator during a particularly heated room discussion. SKPer said Barb’s razor sharp comments stopped the others in their verbal tracks ~ like barbwire. Barb liked it, and her nic Barbwire100 was christened.

Barb had six children, four girls and two boys. She also had eight grandchildren, five boys and three girls, with whom she loved spending time. Many nights she would be accompanied in the room by her granddaughter, Megan, who would chat with us for a few minutes and then give the keyboard back to her Grandma. Barb felt at home on the Web, and talked about the room being another family to her. The room felt the same way about her.

Barb’s life was far from easy in the years preceding her passing. She had a tumor removed from her spine in 1989, which left her paraplegic. She never complained about this turn in her life, but we were aware of the numerous doctors’ appointments, hospitalizations, and painful convalescences. Regardless of her medical condition, however, she remained a long-time chatter friend who could always manage to enjoy a good in-chat or private laugh.

Magy (Magyardad/SweetMags)

Magy, one of a handful of male members of Health-Womens and who considered himself the Health-Womens’ mascot, was a retired Air Force sergeant and Vietnam veteran who loved to play golf. He had a great sense of humor and we loved to hear stories of his family’s Hungarian lineage.

Magy also loved to cook and contributed several old country family recipes to our recipe collection. He also loved to travel and made friends online as well as in real life with many of the Health-Womens members.

A wonderful, positive spirit who is dearly missed, Magy lives on in all of our hearts.

Lorraine (Rainbow933)

Rain, an original member of Health-Womens, loved to laugh and make others laugh.

Rain brightened the room when she entered. But she also had a serious side and could just as easily offer a sympathetic ear and listen to others’ troubles. She loved football, especially the Philadelphia Eagles. She enjoyed reading and Nascar racing and followed Dale Earnhardt’s career for many years. One of her favorite hobbies was creating email sigs on WebTV for her many Internet friends. “To you, all over the country, I will always remember you in my heart and prayers. God bless you,” Rain said during one of her last days in chat.

Rain was born in Trenton, NJ, and was a lifelong resident of the area. She was surrounded by her family when she lost her battle with cancer at her home.

She is survived by her husband of 42 years, Everett; their son John and and three daughters and nine grandchildren.

Elmo (DewDropElmo)

Elmo loved chatting, so much so that often he would take his WebTV to the neighborhood bar and hook it up there so he could chat while he enjoyed downing a cold one or two with his local friends. Of course, this was before smart phones and texting!

Elmo was born in 1927 and loved dancing, fishing, camping and traveling. Elmo enjoyed chatting and met many of the people from the room in person. He was always upbeat and fun to be around, even though as his physical problems grew more intense. He is still loved and dearly missed by everyone who knew him.

Annette (AnnetteUK)

Annette was born and raised in England, near the White Cliffs of Dover during WW2. She had just began her modeling career in 1958 when she was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. Annette liked to say she was part of "The British Invasion" of America in the 1960's, "The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Twiggy and Me!" She married her "hero" John, and delighted in her two grown daughters and three grandsons.