This blog is a remodel of a companion website to the Health-Womens chat room. It served for many¬† years as a recipe-sharing/member-info site and portal to our chat room.¬† As the saying goes, we’ve come a long way! May 2019 marked the 19th anniversary of Health-Womens. Back at the turn of the century Health-Womens was an empty room, one of many newly added to Talk City’s Health & Wellness Forums. It didn’t take long until we had many regular chatters and new friends! Some of our members have been chatting with each other for several years previous, having met in Talk City back in the 90’s. Others have joined along the way as SKPer moved us around cyberspace, from Talk City to MSN, Yahoo, and most recently, Delphi Forums. (Thanks SKPer!)

We appreciate the loyalty of our long-term members, as well as the enthusiasm of our new members. Since the beginning, Health-Womens has tried to provide a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where visitors know they are welcome. Now that we are all a bit older, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to staying healthy. So, while we will continue to share recipes and health-related articles, we will also post ideas to hopefully make everyday life a little easier as we age.

We hope you find something valuable here and remember to always check everything you find on the Internet with your own doctor before trying it out!